Coastal Management

Bathymorphologic Mapping of Coastal Platform In Siladen Island, North Sulawesi


( Master Thesis in Marine Science Departement, UNIVPM Ancona Italy)

Coral reef ecosystems benefit millions of people around the world. Coral reefs buffer coastal communities against ocean storms, provide a ready supply of animal protein, and harbor organisms with pharmaceutical properties. Bunaken National Park (BNP) encompasses 89,056 hectares of land and sea area, divided into a southern mainland section (the Arakan-Wowontulap coast, protected primarily for its old-growth mangrove forests and dugong population) and a northern island section (including five islands with its fringing coral reefs and a mainland section). This study was designed to examine differences in Morphologic Coastal Platform use between Coral Reef Distribution around Siladen Island. The specific objectives were to (1) Identify reef morphology along Siladen Island coastlines. (2) Identify Coral Reef distribution according each profile measurement. (3) Identify and analyze the surface sediment on the Siladen Islands. As for result of which is studied to be divided to the three part of that is: Reef morphology, Sediment characterized, and Coral reef cover in four (4) transect around Siladen Island. Coral reef ecosystems, the most varied on earth, continually face destruction from anthropogenic and natural threats. Following shallow-water classifications, presented here are new methods, based on acoustic data, for classifying benthic terrain below 30m, around Siladen Island, North Sulawesi. This study uses high-resolution single beam bathymetry, bathymetric derivatives, 3D visualization, and in situ data in a Geographic Information System (GIS). The results introduce a new classification scheme that may be suitable for developing habitat maps pinpointing high biodiversity around coral reefs. From result indicate that morphology is long of reef part of Siladen island east is longest, that is 439.2 meter and short part of south that is: 197.5 meter. While, for the reef classification indicate that generally the condition of hard corals distribution is good around Siladen Island, only of North Siladen island indicates is poor condition that is only 5 %. Hereinafter, sediment composition some location in Siladen island, for mean grain size varying between fine sand until very fine gravel. While, result of got for the sorting of to vary between poorly sorted until well sorted.

ADDITIONAL INDEX WORDS: Coral Reef, BNP, Morphologic, Single Beam, Biodiversity

(M.Sc Student in Master Knowledge and Management Coral Reef Biodiversity, UNIVPM Ancona Italy)


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