Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI): Menuju pengelolaan daerah perlindungan laut global, studi kasus di Kabupaten Kepulauan Siau Tagulandang dan Biaro


Recently small islands management issues based on ecosystem begin at talk with issues approach eco region in coral reef management restructuring globally (Ingles and Balesteros, 2008). By World Wild Foundation (1998) defines eco-region is a big unit from water or where distinguish it species unity, ecosystem, dynamics and the natural environment condition. on the basis of here’s, bloom several approach at make to equate perception with do to approach spatial by distribution ecosystem sameness, provide a basis for so that matter a initiation that named coral triangle initiative that abbreviated with Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI). That way, such as those which shown by interisland condition coastal geomorphology, geologic characteristic from every also own the equality specially especial island, where Siau island own the volcanologist activity from mount of Karangetang (1827 m), in Ruang island there are Ruang Mount (1827 m) the two still have the character of active and Biaro island there are mount Bukide (201 m) having the character of inactive. Besides that, Regency of Archipelago Sitaro own the coastline totally is 226.857 km and wide totalize each its island 38501.691 Ha (Kumaat, 2010). While, coastal physical character by geologis is identified at each especial island, such as posed at Biaro Island which its coastline character have precipitous bank, coral reef, sand, gravel, stone, block and mangrove. Coastal compile rock, this type generally form of rock volcanic consisted by breksi, lava and tufa. Dominant process that happened in coastal area this type is marine with the direct open sea wave. Purpose of Marine Protection Area is to achieve what called with fisheries sustainability, in existing management small scale. Usually Management of Marine Protection stills limited to little area and very dominant found traditional fishermen and subsistence. Be important the connection with Coral Triangle Initiative (CTI) at Sitaro Archipelago Regency has ecology dependability and physical interisland. When do we threaten in report at release by the nature conservancy year 2001 that potential to go into effect it marine protection area in every island at that location. Where is result rapid ecological assessment survey recommend from a large part entities isle at this regency has potential to develop to be Marine Protection Area with a Smaller Marine Protection Area.

Keywords:eco-region, interconectivity, marine protection area, triangle


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