Coastal Management

Morfologi Gugusan Pulau Kecil (Archipelagic Islands) di Kabupaten Kepulauan Siau Tagulandang dan Biaro

Morfologi Gugusan Pulau Kecil (Archipelagic Islands)
di Kabupaten Kepulauan Siau Tagulandang dan Biaro
Joyce Christian Kumaat

Small islands region have services and natural resources potency area of high and can be made as authorized capitals execution of development of Indonesia in the future. These regions provide a productive natural resource like is: coral reef, sea grass, mangrove forest, fishery and area of conservation. From various facts, above of course management of small’s islands need in paying attention to seeing level of sensitivities and susceptances from the islands. As for definition from small islands like the one in cited by Bengen and Retraubun (2006) which in pouring UNCLOS (1982, Chapter VIII Section 121 Sentence 1) is: ” Island is continent mass which formed naturally, encircled by water and always emerge above high water level”. Hereinafter, based on SK Menteri Perikanan dan Kelautan No. 41 Tahun 2000 define again based on geographical condition and water territory of Indonesia , that the concerned small islands is “island having wide area less than or equal to 10.000 km2 , with amount of residents less than or equal to 200.000 people” (DKP, 2001 in Bengen and Retraubun, 2006). North Sulawesi Province has 258 islands which have officially in registering in United Nations (UN) and verification had in detail. While, sub-province Sitaro have three (3) island bunch that is: Island bunch Siau and vicinities islands that is: P. Siau Besar, P. Gunatin P. Pahepa P. Kapuliha P. Masare, P.Mahoro, P. Laweang, P. Sanggeluhan (consisted: P. Bawondeke and P. Sanggeluhang), P. Makalehi; Island bunch Tagulandang and vicinities islands consisted: P. Taggulandang P. Passige and P. Ruang and last is Island bunch Biaro and vicinities islands P. Biaro P. Kalukughi P. Tandukuhang P. Tumbonang Besar P. Seba Besar and P. Salangka. Counted 33 of island where 10 islands which dweller and 22 not island not dweller and Makalehi Island is External Island in this area pass stipulating of President Regulation (Peraturan Presiden) No. 78 concerning management of external small’s islands.
Keywords: island, eustatic, sea-level, pulau


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